Quality That You Need to be a Succesful Guitarist

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Quality That You Need to be a Succesful Guitarist

Post by mahi » Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:52 am

Before starting guitar you should know your qualities such as are you made for guitar? Or can you adapt that quality that a guitarist should have?
People just skip all these little things, but let me tell you one thing that such things help you a lot while taking decisions and especially if you are a beginner.

So here I go:-

1) You must be crazy for music

Yeah that’s very important, if you are not interested in music, then there is no use of buying a guitar cuz guitar is all about music. Yeah but some people buy guitar to show off so it’s your choice whether to buy guitar or not.

2) Listening skill
OK, so if you are listening to music you must have that ability to identify pitch, rhythm, genre, scale (well here scale is related to guitar, in case you don’t know).
This ability helps a lot while making leads, notes or you can say tabs.
Most of the people waste their time on searching for tabs for various songs on the internet but if you master the listening skill, you can make it on your own. You just need little practice.

(Check Out the Article for Ear Training Tips for Guitar Tuning)

3) Creativity
Being a good listener automatically makes you creative. Creativity means you can make your own song, melody etc. on your guitar.
There are so many types of songs viz. Arabian, Chinese etc. to choose from. You can also modify any other song by mixing your own melody or music.

4) Be inspirational
Now if you have read all the above points and are still reading, means you are an inspirational guy. Ok being inspirational doesn’t means that you are a guitarist but it definitely boosts your passion. Yeah it really happens that people buy guitars, learn 9 or 10 chords and some tabs and then within a month or 2 month they just dump it or simply sell it. That’s really bad, isn’t it? So my point here is that take inspiration from others whoever they are and learn from them. Attend workshops and watch guitar videos which really boost your passion and skill.

5) Be competitive
As I discussed above that you should watch guitar videos that inspire you. Here I suggest you to try those things on your own. It boosts your learning speed. It is possible that you will be unable to play those video songs in the 1st attempt but don’t give up; keep trying. It is possible that you accidentally play some other music or just create some new melody in the process.

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Re: Quality That You Need to be a Succesful Guitarist

Post by Rafat » Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:40 am

:) Thank you for the points. But there ia quistion from me. How can I play the tabs by seeing it?

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