Principal Chords

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Principal Chords

Post by mahi » Tue Sep 17, 2013 1:16 am

If you don’t know that, which chords is used on a song but if you know that which scale is used on this song, so you can play this song in that case.

If you want to play a song on C major scale. So that you can play just C major, F major and G seventh chords.
That means, major chord of root/1st note, major chord of 4th note and seventh chord of 5th note on C major scale.
C major scale: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
———————C D E F G A B C

What is Relative minor ? : Relative minor is sixth note of any major scale.
That is, relative minor of C major scale is A minor scale, relative minor of G major scale is E minor scale.

I have already uploaded The 15 major scale and 15 minor scale on this website.

***************Major*********Relative Minor**************
C = C F G7————-[1]———Am = Am Dm E7—-[2]
G = G C D7———–[3]———Em = Em Am B7———-[4]
D = D G A7———–[3]———Bm = Bm Em F#7———[4]
A = A D E7———–[3]———F#m = F#m Bm C#7——[4]
E = E A B7———–[3]———C#m = C#m F#m G#7—-[4]
B = B E F#7———-[3]———G#M = G#m C#m D#7—-[4]
F# = F# B C#7——–[3]———D#m = D#m G#m A#7—-[4]
C# = C# F# G#7——[3]———A#m = A#M D#m E#7—-[4]
F = F Bb C7———-[5]———Dm = Dm Gm A7——–[6]
Bb = Bb Eb C7——–[5]———Gm = Gm Cm D7——–[6]
Eb = Eb Ab B7——–[5]———Cm = Cm Fm G7———[6]
Ab = Ab Db Eb7——-[5]———Fm = Fm Bbm C7——-[6]
Db = Db Gb Ab7——[5]———Bbm = Bbm Ebm F7—–[6]
Gb = Gb Cb Db7——[5]———Ebm = Ebm Abm Bb7—-[6]
Cb = Cb Fb Gb7——–[5]———Abm = Abm Dbm Eb7—-[6]

[1] = On natural major scale
[2] = On natural minor scale
[3] = On sharp table of major sscale
[4] = On sharp table of minor scale
[5] = On flat table of major scale
[6] = On flat table of minor scale

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