How To Make Chords

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How To Make Chords

Post by mahi » Tue Sep 17, 2013 1:03 am

1: Major Chords.

Root+3rd+5th notes are making major chord on major scale.

Exmpl: C major scale is C D E F G A B C. Now C major chord is C+E+G. And now you can make G D A E B F# C# major chords follow by the Sharp Table of Major Scale.

2: Minor Chords.

Root+b3rd+5th notes are making minor chord on major scale. b3rd means previous note of 3rd note of any scale on Sharp table of Major Scale. If I select Cmajor scale then Cminor chord make by

C+(3rd note is E and b3rd is Eb =D#)+G. We always use like b3rd is Eb, not like D#. And now you can make G D A E B F# C# minor chords follow by the Sharp Table of Major Scale.

3. 7th Chords.

Root+3rd+5th+b7th notes are making 7th chord on major scale. If you know that b3rd of E is Eb then you have known that what b7th is?

4. Principal Chords.

First, we have needed to know, what is Principal Chords? When in a scale 3 notes (Root, Fourth & Fifth) are make 3 chords then we called Principal Chords. How To Play Principal chords? In any scale, First Chords is Major chord of ROOT key/note. Second chord is Major chord of FOURTH note and Seventh chord of FIFTH note.

5. Major Seventh [ 7].

Root+3rd+5th+7th notes are making Major Seventh chord.

6. Major Ninth [ 9].

Root+3rd+5th+7th+9th notes are making Major Ninth chord.

7. Sixth.

Root+3rd+5th+6th notes are making Sixth chord.

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